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Teow Lim Goh’s Book About Poetry Left By Chinese Immigrants Garners National Attention

“Although it was widely known as the Ellis Island of the West, Angel Island wasn’t meant to herald immigrants to the United States so much as to keep them out. Located just across from Alcatraz in the San Francisco Bay, the immigration station started operating in 1910, largely to process the cases of Chinese laborers, who, […]

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Living, Loving, and Other Heresies for Valentine’s Day

Pearls by Zsolt When he wrote the essays in Living, Loving, and Other Heresies, Zsolt was suffering from a progressive, debilitating neuropathy that eventually killed him. The essays began as letters to loved ones, but slowly evolved into group emails not only about his disease, but also about life in general. They functioned as a […]

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Heading Home: Field Notes

Now Available! Heading Home begins with Peter Anderson’s dharma-bum passion for the road, which leads him through the mountains and high deserts of the American West, and eventually lands him in an eccentric end-of-the-road town full of mystics, misfits, and other mountain dwellers. This book is a gathering of “field notes”—observations, recollections, and stories along […]

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New Study Examines Amazon’s “Stranglehold” on Local Economies

As if we all needed another reason to shop local and support small presses, but here’s more fuel for the fire: Amazon’s increasing dominance comes with high costs. It’s eroding opportunity and fueling inequality, and it’s concentrating power in ways that endanger competition, community life, and democracy. And yet these consequences have gone largely unnoticed […]

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Review of Islanders by The Fem

July 28, 2016 Reviewed by Vanesa Pacheco Teow Lim Goh’s collection of poems imagines the lost stories of the women detained on Angel Island’s Immigration Station, as well as of their families, staff, and of those involved in the 1877 San Francisco Chinatown Riots. Decades after the Immigration station closed, poems were found written on […]

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Comrades on the Colca: A Race for Adventure and Incan Treasure in One of the World’s Last Unexplored Canyons

Join Eugene Buchanan, author of Brothers on the Bashkaus, in his latest tale of travel and adventure. This time he is in South America with a team of Polish explorers on a first descent down the Cruz del Condor section of Peru’s Colca Canyon, the deepest gorge in the world. Negotiating everything from unrunnable cascades […]

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The Year the Eggs Cracked

Like a blindfolded fool who stands on a street corner giving out free hugs, this poetry collection has many oddly shaped gifts to offer. Maybe you’ll come away with a feeling of affection, maybe with some type of infection, but your relationship with modern poetry will be changed. We hope for the better. Praise for […]

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Islanders by Teow Lim Goh

Between 1910 and 1940, Chinese immigrants to America were detained at the Angel Island Immigration Station in the San Francisco Bay. As they waited for weeks and months to know if they could land, some of them wrote poems on the walls. All the poems we have on record were found in the men’s barracks: […]

Wake Up, Sleepwalker

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Letters From a Stranger

James Tipton is the world’s preeminent surrealist beekeeper. At his home on a high mesa near Grand Junction, Colorado, he bottles 10,000 pounds of honey each year, and writes poetry in the tradition of Neruda, Vallejo, Breton, Blake, and Robert Bly, extending the vision of a world that is simultaneously real and magical. In Letters from […]

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