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What we’ve been doing at Conundrum this summer

September 24th, 2013  |  Published in Blog

AUGUST 2, 2012


You may have seen our Facebook updates as the warm spring turned into hot summer, and if so, you know we’ve been busy behind the scenes preparing our spring and summer books. We’ve also been reading ahead and are in the process of choosing the next lineup of books, so if you haven’t heard from us about your pending manuscript, you will, soon. Thanks for your patience.

What we have published so far, three new titles and and three redesigned re-issues, are fantastic.


Lost Sheep: Aspen’s Counterculture in the 1970s, A Memoir, by Kurt Brown
Both the Aspen Times and Aspen Daily News have reviewed this book, with lots of kudos to Kurt for capturing a beautiful  snapshot of this iconic town.

Thread of the Real, Poems by Joe Hutchison. Conrad DiDiodato said of this collection, “It’s always been a habit of mine to read transfixed to a single impression, to one significant moment and place: to the one truth that seems to speak for the rest. And when I’d found it in Joseph Hutchison’s book of verses Thread of the Real, I knew I could now begin.”

Let the Birds Drink in PeaceLet the Birds Drink in Peace, Stories by Robert Garner McBrearty
This is the first new book from Conundrum in ten years, a glorious and funny set of stories about everyday people. Gorgeous. Jenny Shank reviewed this book in the High Country News and says, “In Colorado writer Robert Garner McBrearty’s fresh and funny new story collection a boy tells his mother he plans to do something great when he grows up. “Everybody feels like that when they’re young,” she replies. And yet, in several stories in this collection –– McBrearty’s third — regular guys do experience an instant of greatness as they save other people from danger –– and then struggle with the consequences.”


Crazy Chicana in Catholic City, poems by Juliana Aragon Fatula
Sandra Cisneros said of Fatula’s work, “[She] writes histories so terrifying they feel as if they were written with a knife.” We agree.

No Stranger Than My Own, poems by Michael J. Henry
Acclaim for this collection: “Michael Henry’s poems are a skilled, luminous negotiation with the surfaces of life and the shapes of memory. His poems, shot through with feeling and perfectly crafted, are as happy sounding the dark classical themes of poetry as they are finding the saving glisten of the everyday.” —Eli Gottlieb, author of Now You See Him

A Return to Emptiness, stories by Chris Ransick
In its original edition, this collection was a finalist for the Colorado Book Award. It’s a collection of short stories about life, loss, and love. In thinking back about writing these stories and what they mean to Ransick now, he says, “Loss is common to us all, yet multifarious in individual experience. I wrote these stories not primarily to describe loss but to circumscribe it-which is to say that I drew a circle of narratives round the experience to both locate and limit it. I was vaguely aware of this at the time of the writing. It’s quite clear now.”


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